Water Dispenser Spaqa iQ ®
An elegant and very hygienic watercooler. 

The water dispenser Spaqa iQ ® is one of the most beautiful and most intelligent devices on the market of table water supply.

  • Water dispensers improve our most important food. Drinking water is safely filtered through Profine Silver water filters and refined to produce healthy, delicious, pure and very inexpensive tap water.
  • The water dispenser  Spaqa iQ ® automatically cleans the beverage dispenser automatically with converted oxygen after every reference. This \ “Active Oxygen module \” makes SPAQA ® iQ therefore 100% germ-free
  • Water is produced at the push of a button in an environmentally friendly way, with energy and resource conservation.
  • Through saved water supplies via vans or trucks, a considerable CO2 emissions are saved.
  • The saved CO2 emissions are calculated each time you consume water from the water dispenser.
  • The water dispenser  Spaqa iQ ® constantly monitors the filter capacity.
  • The device independently points to the next service, so that maintenance can be carried out according to needs.
  • You always have an overview of the total water consumption of your water dispenser.
  • The Waterpender  Spaqa iQ ® has, of course, all the necessary and important approval certificates.

The design is modern, fresh and conveys a feeling of well-being.
In 2010 the water spa  Spaqa iQ ® was awarded the AQUA Award 2010.

Technical data:
Color: white with Mood-Light
Options: 3
With carbonizer
Fresh water connection
H = 440 / W = 240 / D = 510mm
power consumption: 140W


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