PROFINE® RED reduces turbidity as well as suspended particles with a filter rating of 5 microns. This is a quick-connect cartridge with extruded polypropylene. The cartridge is in compliance with EU Directive 93/83/EC for use in precessing system and/or household appliances.


PROFINE® SILVER removes bad odours and off-tastes, reduces chlorine, and has a filter rating of 0.5 microns. The cartridge is of the disposable variety produced using carbon block technology enriched with a silver additive to give the filter a bacteriostatic feature. Composite cartridge suitable for the treatment of drinking water in compliance with Directive 98/83/EC.


The Profine® Gold cartridge is the flagship of the range. Do you need Water without risks? With ultrafiltration the GOLD cartridge is an absolute antibacterial treatment. In addiction, it improves your water quality by removing the suspended particles, without overlooking the functions of adsorption and dechlorination.


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