What is included in the Commercial Monthly Package?

It is a fully-comprehensive monthly package which includes an initial free installation, 48 free Icewater-branded 750ml, screw-cap bottles, unlimited filter changes, unlimited call-out service.

What is your commercial filtration process?

Icewater has become recognised for its unique chilled and crisp taste, thanks to our medical-grade Profine Filters. Our filtration process involves a two-stage treatment which begins with our Red Cartridge that eliminates all sediments or foreign particles in suspension. The Red Cartridge (extruded polypropylene) ensures filtration of up to 5 microns, the first essential step to having clean drinking water.

Afterwards, the next stage is to use a 45,000-litre capacity carbon block filter which is a high-performance cartridge that removes chlorine, odour and taste, and is renowned as the flagship of industry standard carbon block filters. Our medical-grade silver-infused Profine® filter prevents any potential bacterial growth on your filter when not being used, a potential issue that is associated with basic filters, and is therefore, essential for ensuring a constant supply of premium filtered water.

How much is the commercial monthly package?

Icewater offers several commercial systems, and thus, the price of each will vary. Please speak to our sales team for further details.

What systems are in the commercial package?

Traditionally, the commercial systems include the Antoine Font – the face of Icewater, the Cobra, the Zen, and the counter-top systems. However, revised monthly packages are available for smaller commercial systems.

I am looking to get Icewater for my restaurant. Should I charge my customers for Icewater?

Whether you charge your customers for Icewater or not is entirely up to you. The majority of our clients within the hospitality industry typically charge for the first bottle and then give the rest free. However, with that said, many of our clients charge by the bottle and some don’t at all.


How do I decide what domestic solution would suit my home best?

Domestic water systems are qualified based on customer’s requirements. E.g. water quality in the home, for example, well-walter or mains.  This will determine the required filtration process. 

Thereafter, which system you choose will likely depend on your home’s water consumption habits. For example, if you have a preference for still, chilled, or sparkling water. Regardless, one of our sales reps will walk you through the relevant details of each to ensure that you are happy before moving forward. 

Please ensure to include these details out in the online form.

I like the concept of Icewater’s premium-filtered solutions, but am looking for a bottle filling station. Do you offer anything like this?

Yes we do, one of the Icewater Group companies, Ecofil, offers a comprehensive range of world-leading water-filling solutions. Please visit for more.